Officers President. Dr David Minter [UK] d.minter<at>
Vice-President. Dr Lorelei Norvell [USA] llnorvell<at>
Secretary. Dr Marieka Gryzenhout [South Africa] gryzenhoutm<at>
Treasurer. Dr Jo Taylor [UK] drjotaylor<at>
Membership Secretary. Dr Peter Buchanan [New Zealand] buchananp<at>
Editor. Prof. Paul Cannon [UK] p.cannon<at>
Communications Officer. Dr Maria Alice Neves [Brazil] maliceneves<at>
Elected Councillors Dr Rafael Castañeda Ruíz [Cuba] rfcastanedaruiz<at>
Dr Stephanos Diamandis [Greece] diamandi<at>
Prof. David Hawksworth [UK] d.hawksworth<at>
Prof. Maria Ławrynowicz [Poland] miklaw<at>
Prof. Roy Watling [UK] caledonianmyc<at>
Representatives of External Organizations International Mycological Association. Dr Marieka Gryzenhout [South Africa] gryzenhoutm<at>
IUCN Chytrid, Downy Mildew, Slime Mould and Zygomycete Specialist Group. Dr Mayra Camino [Cuba] mcamino<at>
IUCN Cup fungi, Truffles and their Allies Specialist Group. Dr David Minter [UK] d.minter<at>
IUCN Lichen Specialist Group. Dr Christoph Scheidegger [Switzerland] christoph.scheidegger<at>
IUCN Mushroom, Bracket & Puffball Specialist Group. Dr Greg Mueller [USA] gmueller<at>
IUCN Rust and Smut Specialist Group. Dr Cvetomir Denchev [Bulgaria] cmdenchev<at>
Regional Delegates Africa (Central). Dr George Ngala [Cameroon] gnngala<at>
Africa (Northern). Dr Ahmed Abdel-Azeem [Egypt] zemo3000<at>
Africa (Southern). Dr Cathy Sharp [Zimbabwe] mycofreedom<at>
Antarctica. Dr Paul Bridge [UK] p.bridge<at>
Arctic, Atlantic and Indian Oceans. To be appointed
Asia (Central & Western). Dr Yusufjon Gafforov [Uzbekistan] fungi_uz<at>
Asia (Eastern). Dr Tsutomu Hattori [Japan], hattori<at>
Asia (Northern). Dr Tatyana Svetasheva [Russia], foxtail_svett<at>
Asia (South & Southeastern). To be appointed
Australasia. Dr Sapphire McMullan-Fisher (representative of Organization Member Fungimap), sapphire<at>
Central America & the Caribbean. To be appointed
Europe. Dr Vera Hayova [Ukraine] vera.hayova<at>
North America (Boreal). To be appointed
North America (Temperate-tropical). To be appointed
Oceania. To be appointed
South America (Temperate). To be appointed
South America (Tropical). To be appointed

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