At the discretion of the Organizing Committee, abstracts may be published on-line on the meeting website. It may also be possible to publish full texts on-line. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to edit or re-format texts to maintain a uniform style. Abstracts should be submitted in MS-WORD or RTF format by e-mail to the Congress Secretariat and must arrive before 15 October 2013. Please use the following standards:

  • font “Times New Roman”, 12 point;

  • title text in bold upper case (CAPITAL) letters;

  • author(s) names in bold, but not upper case letters;

  • author(s) address(es) text in italics, but not upper case (please supply a postal and an e-mail address for each author);

  • up to five key words;

  • text in English; for scientific contributions, the abstract should explain the reason for the work, the materials and methods used; the results; a discussion; conclusions and, if appropriate, thanks;

  • italics for Latin names of organisms at rank of genus and below;

  • images to be submitted separately (photos in JPG format; charts, diagrams, graphs etc. in GIF format);

  • tables are acceptable, but should be kept simple.

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